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aⅴ日本亚洲欧洲免费天堂 "Do you want some chicken?"A report on a man and a womanA report on a man and a womans flirtatious relationship!Episode 1. Teasing the husbandA man and a woman get married not long after they meeaⅴt. They enjoy passionately making love in ever免费y part of the house. After someaⅴ time, they start getting tired of each other. The wife attends her husbands superiors house warming party one day. The sup亚洲erior is sending her signals and the jealous husband lights up his passionate love for his wife once again...Episode 2. The chicken delivery guySo-yool日本 is new at this social life gig and one day欧洲 she orders chicken to go along with her beer. The delivery guy is none other than her crush fr日本om high school. She orders chicken every night to see him and So-yool and Go-won develop into a relationship.Episode 3. With a student at a TOEIC schoolA teacher aⅴat a TOEIC school is concerned about a student who isnt improving and offers to grant him a wish every time he passes 90. She thought all she had to do was buy him dinner or something but the students wish became more and more extreme!



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